Rabat in Morocco

Rabat the capital of Morocco

what you have to know about Rabat the capital of Morocco?.

About Rabat in Morocco:

Rabat is the welcoming and fascinating capital of Morocco situated on the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in the 12th century by the Almohads. They made it historically rich and interesting for our beloved visitors from all over the world.

top 5 destinations to visit in Rabat, Morocco:

Hassan Tower, the best attraction in Rabat, Morocco:

Let’s dive into Hassan Tower. It is situated in Rabat and it is an unfinished mosque. It was built in 1195 by the Almohad ruler named Abu Yusuf Yakub al Mansour. The tower was intended to be the largest minaret in the world. But unfortunately, Abu Yusuf Yaqub al Mansour died in 1199.

Thus it was left incomplete when it reached 44 meters. Moreover, there are several beginnings of walls and columns that were constructed. Hassan tower is deemed historically significant in the capital, Rabat. Furthermore, plenty of visitors and tourists from many countries visit that unique site.

Kasbah of the Udayas:

It is a Kasbah that is situated at the mouth of the Abu Regrag river. It was recognized by Unesco and was listed as a world heritage site in 2006. Historically, most of the remains of the Kasbah can be traced back to the 12th century and that was the exact date of its construction. Many destructions were carried out against this Kasbah several times. However, it survived as it was rebuilt again. In the era of the Alaouite dynasty. Also, many developments were witnessed such as the construction of Amiri Palace to become what it is now.

Rabat in Morocco, Tomb:

Tomb of Mohammed V and his two sons. The tomb is open to even non-Muslim visitors, which makes it even more interesting and worth visiting is its gold-leaf ceiling captivating carvings.

Old medina:

It is the best option for people who like the traditionality and authenticity of Morocco away from the modern side of Rabat. It is truly small when compared to other medinas as of Fes and Marrakesh. Still, you’ll enjoy the calmness and tranquility of that place. One of the items that people admire in the Medina of Rabat is the Rabati rug. Tourists do love the place and its beauty.

Rabat beach, the perfect place to relax:

Rabat is on the ocean so it does have beautiful beaches that will please the visitor, especially during summer. Two popular beaches in Rabat are Temara’s beach and Skhirate’s. These beaches provide the visitor with a panoramic view of the ocean, waves, and sun. Furthermore, They are the best option if one is fond of taking pictures. Besides the beautiful sceneries these Rabati beaches have, they are also a preferred destination for surfers who want waves that are more of a challenge.

The national zoo of Rabat is the best one in Morocco. Also, it is not perfect but it will do good, especially if you are an animal lover or with kids. If you want to show them something they like. The Zoo displays a better view of a good deal of animals of many types and which are relative to Morocco and the great African continent.

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