Merzouga day trip

Merzouga day trip:
Merzouga day trip: Merzouga is one of the best places here in Morocco. It is a small town in southeastern Morocco. what makes this place popular? It is its proximity and closeness to Erg Chebbi, which is a large sea of dunes. Formed by the wind-blown sand. There are plenty of things that you can do in this region. Normally, you can ride on camel and back and head up to the largest dunes.
visitors enjoy the captivating view of the golden sand. Especially, when the sun rises and also when it goes down. Not only that, but you’ll also get to know how people live there in nomadic lifestyles. Furthermore, you can do some activities to explore the area like Quads and sandboarding.

Merzouga day trip:
What to do in Merzouga:
Tour around erg Chebbi dunes.
Take a tour around erg Chebbi is one of the best things to do the explore the desert area. First of all, you will have a chance to walk and see an oasis in the desert. After that, we will drive to see some flamingos and other birds at the lake.

Next, we will drive to Khamlia village. The latter is where you will listen and watch how the Gnawa music is played by the Touregs. We will drive off-road, so we can visit Mifis mines. Also, we will be visiting a nomad family living deep in the desert.

After that, we will do an adventure and cross the sand dunes by Four-weel drive. We will make a stop at one of the biggest sand dunes, so you can take some wonderful pictures in the heart of the Erg Chebbi dunes.

Camel trekking and camping in the desert.
Merzouga is the best place where you can do a camel ride and spend an overnight in a desert camp in the Sahara desert. First, because Merzouga has the biggest and largest dunes in Morocco.

Also, it is known for its beautiful and spectacular sunset and sunrise. The color of the sand dunes changes according to the sun.

you will start the camel ride around 05:00 pm, and the camel ride is for an hour over the big sand dunes. After that, you will start crossing the desert until you get to the desert camp.

At the camp, you will have the chance to play the sandboard and surf on the dunes. Also, you can walk and explore the desert on your own and watch the sunset. later you will be at the camp for dinner, and spend the night with locals by playing drums and dancing around the campfire under a starry sky.

In the morning you will have breakfast at the camp and start the camel trekking to Merzouga.