When is the best time to visit Morocco?

Best time to visit Morocco introduction:
Morocco is a vast world in which reality blends with legends. That is to say, living on the outskirts of its cities, and with its modern walls, customs, and traditions have distinct flavors that are more distinctive than the scent of minty Moroccan tea all over the kingdom. Choosing the best time to visit Morocco is very important for every tourist who is considering traveling to Morocco because of the different atmospheres and important events of each season. The periods from April to May and September to November know a huge flock of tourists. The temperature is nice and warm at this time.

Best time to visit Morocco note:

Our Morocco desert tours are available all year round, this just advice for travelers. Also, if the itinerary you are looking for is not listed on our Morocco tours page, you can contact us.

Which months are the best time to visit Morocco:

December – January – February:
The winter season is one of the best times to visit Morocco, especially if you are a lover to a certain kind of winter sports. The rain falls in most of the country mainly. Also, it is more abundant in the regions northwest and the region is being reduced. In the highlands, the temperature sometimes drops to more than 10 below zero, and snow covers mountain peaks most of the year.

Snow abounds in the Michellifen region, the city of Ifrane and Okamden near Marrakech. Ifrane is a small town and ski resort referred to by people as “Little Switzerland” because it looks very small. During February, it’s also time for the Almond Plover Festival in Tafraout Coastal cities such as Rabat, Mohammedia, Casa, Jadida, Essaouira, and Safi will feel cold erratic, fairly acceptable.

At this period of time, it is preferable to visit Agadir to stay away from the cold and frost waves, and enjoy the sea and stay away from heavy clothes during the day time, while the evening will be a bit springy. For those who have hobbies for ice skating, Ifrane and Okamden are the best.

Is March, April, May the best time to visit Morocco?

The first month of spring remains under the influence of the weather of winter in terms of rain and snow but at the least of course. The 4th month and 5th month are the most wonderful months of the year undisputed as the Kingdom experiences some calm, and intermittent rains and the weather is comfortably warm at that time.

March is the best time to visit Morocco, and a perfect month for outdoor activities, such as quad biking, walking, walking, and sometimes swimming, where temperatures can rise to 25 degrees Celsius (76 degrees Fahrenheit). We recommend that you visit all cities in Morocco, but still, some of the cities at this period are still affected by cold currents like in the Tangier region.

May is suitable for all cities from north to south. It is the perfect time to enjoy sightseeing in many famous attractions, such as The old Medina, Tanneries in Fez, and stroll the small alleys as well as to the fortified old village of Ait Ben Haddou in Ouarzazate.

Moreover, it is time to take out the summer clothes as the weather starts to get hot, so it is the best time to relax in a swimming pool in one of the Riads, and camel riding in the charming desert of Merzouga like a real nomad, you will also enjoy the beautiful golden sand dunes, sunrises, and sunsets. March is a very good time to visit Morocco, a perfect month for outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking, and bike riding or cycling through the small town and villages.

Is it a good time to visit Morocco during June, July, August?

The months June, July, August is where the temperature in Morocco is baking, especially in the southeast areas. It might reach 50 degrees Celsius in some places by day time. Yet, there are some cities that don’t feel the heat of summer like Tangier, Tetouan, Chefchaouen, and Ifrane, where the atmosphere is enjoyable and cool.

This is a good time to start cooling by doing water-related activities, such as water ski in Essaouira or to swim in the many swimming pools available or go to the water park. The markets are vibrant and charming on hot summer nights, with chandeliers lit everywhere, great food stalls, and much more. It’s also time for the Timitar Music Festival in Agadir, a wonderful beach town, where you can go alone or with family.

July is very hot, the temperature often rises up to 45 degrees Celsius in some cities, you will find yourself tired and exhausted carrying your bags. However, it is a good time to relax after than in a swimming pool and go to hang out at night, enjoying great food stalls and everything.

In the coastal cities, summer is when the festivals begin, famous singers from all over the world give their fans the best they can, Mawazine is the biggest and outstanding festival of all. Rihanna, Shakira, Matre Gims, and other famous singers have created the event in Mawazine.

September – October – November:
During the autumn season, the climate in the highlands is pleasant, especially in September and October, although there are a few rainstorms in the mountains in early November, which mean that the last month of autumn enters with the characteristics of winter, it starts to get cold again in some places, still, it is good to sit a visit to Marrakesh, Fez, and Meknes as they have such a nice atmosphere at this times as well as all coastal cities especially in October because the humidity is low.

The months where the temperature is neither hot nor frozen is what is recommended to be the best time to visit Morocco, that s because you can see almost everything, visit cities, ancient monuments, do outdoor activities, etc.