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Rabat in Morocco

Rabat the capital of Morocco what you have to know about Rabat the capital of Morocco?. About Rabat in Morocco: Rabat is the welcoming and fascinating capital of Morocco situated on the Atlantic Ocean. It was founded in the 12th … Read More

Best time to visit Morocco

When is the best time to visit Morocco? Best time to visit Morocco introduction: Morocco is a vast world in which reality blends with legends. That is to say, living on the outskirts of its cities, and with its modern … Read More

Morocco traditions

Morocco traditions, clothing, and customs. The diverse components of the Moroccan traditions Overview: Morocco is known among other countries for its diverse rich traditions. That is to say, there are a lot of traditions, so here we are going to … Read More

Morocco landmarks

Morocco landmarks, best cities, and villages. Morocco landmarks Introduction: Morocco has beautiful landmarks. Also,  enjoys a unique geographical location, located to the north on the Mediterranean Sea, and separates it from Spain from the northern border of Gibraltar, bordered to … Read More


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